June 5th, 2008

Doc Savage

Holy Hot Dick-on-Dick Crossover Action, Batman!

I had XM's "Old Time Radio" channel on in the car this morning and heard an episode of Suspense featuring Sam Spade, with Phillip Marlowe as a supporting character.  Coolness ensued.  I just wish XM would extend its online streaming for subscribers to the commercial channels, so I could hear it when I'm not in the car.

Angry Bretzes Are Angry

So, we bought a new couch and chair from Rooms to Go. Since we don't own our own moving van, we had to rely on them to deliver it. So first, we learn they don't deliver on Mondays or Tuesdays. Weird, but OK. Today was the designated delivery day. We were told to expect it between 2 and 6 this afternoon.

At 4:30, Jane decided to check in. Their service department told her the truck was "on schedule" and to call back if it hadn't arrived by 6. At 6, still no truck, so she called them back.

Only to find the service department was closed for the day.

She then called the store where some waste of skin informed her that the delivery time was "just an estimate."

Oh, and he offered to transfer her to their service office. The one that's closed for the day.

I'm so fucking furious about this I can barely see straight. At the moment, I'm waiting on Vietnamese take-out, since we're now chained to the house for the rest of the day

Best of all, we're supposed to leave for SA in the morning. If they don't deliver tonight, I don't know what we'll do.

Fuck you, Rooms to Go.

With a shovel.

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