June 7th, 2008


Less Angry Post

So, after the couch was delivered, we got ourselves packed and ready to travel.  Friday AM, we drove over to San Antonio.  It's the first time I've been back since Dad's memorial service, and it's good to see mom is doing alright.  In fact, she's doing quite well in my estimate.  The house is in better shape than I've seen it in quite a while and she made a substantial dent in the piles of old stuff populating the garage.

We had lunch at the house and visited with Youngest Brother.  While we were there, Mom asked if Jane would like to look through the sheet music Dad accumulated over the years and see if there's anything she'd like.  What a treasure trove.  Dad was a packrat like his mom and people had given him music they'd had lying around, so it's quite a collection.  There were many, MANY pieces dating to the 1920s (including three about Charles Lindbergh), a number of patriotic songs from WWI, and tons of stuff from the 30s-50s.  Much of it is in less than optimal shape, but there are some pieces that look like they just rolled off the press.

After a couple of hours of trashing around, we established that C would spend the night at Mom's and Jane and I went to check in to the hotel.  Afterwards, we hijacked kytherean_tx for dinner, and by the time we were done, we were so knackered, we just went back to the hotel, watched the last half of "Hot Fuzz" (which we'll have to watch in its entirety) and crashed.

This morning, we got up, picked up C and Mom and drove out to Sea World.  Jane rode the Steel Eel.  We saw performing dolphins and humans and a beluga whale, and of course, the orcas.  C rode the Texas Splashdown, a log flume which counts as the tallest, scariest ride he's ever dared.  He weathered it a bit better than me, probably (I am NOT a roller-coaster person).  We ate overpriced lunch and soaked up a lot of solar radiation.

Mom and C had a great time.  Jane soldiered along most admirably, considering she was (and still is) suffering from some sort of gastric ick and given that Sea World is possibly the most vegetarian-unfriendly place in San Antonio.  I was just glad to spend some time with Mom.

Tomorrow, my nephew graduates from high school.  We won't be able to stay and watch him walk across the stage, since I have to be back at work tomorrow.
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After Jane suffered through one of the most vegetarian-unfriendly places in SA, it was only fair to take her to one of the friendliest for dinner.  Adelante still rocks.  If you're going to San Antonio and you want to try something healthier than the standard Tex-Mex, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.