June 8th, 2008


Home Again, Home Again

We got up this morning and went over to Mom's for breakfast.  Afterwards, I went back out into the garage to look through more stuff she wanted me to either claim or tell her it was OK to get rid of.  I found some more music for Jane (Dad's Opera libretti and Broadway scores), some books I wanted, and a bit of clothing that will likely serve me well.  It was a bit depressing, particularly the clothes, when Mom mentioned that Dad had weighed only 126 lbs the day before the fatal stroke.  I'd known when I helped him into the house at Xmas that he'd lost a lot of weight, but I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I had 60 lbs on him at the end.

Also, at some point in the past 24 hours, I managed to re-aggravate the soft tissue injury I've had in my left abdomen for the past many years.  So, I've got a nasty pain under my left floating ribs.  No fun.

I've also got the inevitable case of the Night Before I Have To Go Back To Work Blues.  On the plus side, I have the prospect of receiving my D&D 4e books tomorrow and the Cure concert in the evening.
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