June 18th, 2008


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This morning, so far, is a mass of suck.  The game ran late (more on it in another post), I had my usual wind-down problems which led to me finally getting in bed and dropping off sometime between 12:15 and 12:45.  Weird dreams and general restlessness followed, culminating in waking up at 4:15 with a mysterious light shining in my face from outside the bedroom.  Thinking that Jane had perhaps gotten up and used C's bathroom for some reason and left the light on, I got up.  Only to discover the light was coming from his room, where he was lying wide awake in bed.  I shut his door and went back to our room without even waiting for an explanation.

At 5:45, he apparently decided it was time to wake me up.  Joy.  Jane's feeling sick, so I took him off to daycare.  I'm feeling rotten myself, but it's just fatigue, and I've got a mandatory team meeting at 9:30.  I'm also working late tonight, since I have to do some testing that will take away our main site's internet connection while I'm doing it.  Hopefully, I'll be home before 9:00.

How's your Wednesday?
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Count Dante


My friend, j_in_question was the weekly winner in Dread Central's movie poster contest.  From what I gather, contributors suggested movies that were never made, and the winner gets their idea turned into a poster.

Here's his: Collapse )

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The day has not gotten substantially better.  Technology is being evil at me.

A while back, I discovered the laptop we use for various client presentations had never gotten added to our domain.  Since it didn't normally have network access, this had been understandable, but it's something I needed to correct, since the machine was woefully behind on updates, etc.  Also, I'd found a wireless card we weren't using, so the machine theoretically could go on the network, which would make it a lot more useful.

Let us speak now of unintended consequences and potentially failing hardware.  I successfully added the machine to the domain.  Then, I installed a newer version of our antivirus software.  All well and good.  However, it was running really slowly.  I mean, C...R...E...E...P...I...N...G along.  I did some more looking and realized it was still running pre-Service Pack 1 XP.  No problem, I think.  I'll take it back over to my office, configure it to hit the network properly from over there, and download the updates.

If only.

First, it was creeping so slowly, I couldn't even get to the network connection screen to configure it.  I finally brought the damned thing up in Safe Mode to do it.  Of course then, the Update wouldn't download in anything resembling a decent rate of speed.  So, I downloaded the free-standing patch, booted again in Safe Mode, and installed it.

After about half an hour of dutiful whirring and twitching, it informed me the patch couldn't install.  WTF?

Fine, I think.  If I can't get it to update, I'll just install over the bastard.  And that, gentle reader, is where my problems truly exploded.  The initial install looked to be going fine, and I left with it still needing about 35 minutes to complete.

When I got in this morning, it said it just needed another 29 minutes.  It was unresponsive and just sitting there.  I restarted it (risky under the circumstances, but I felt it was necessary), and it came up after doing an extensive checkdisk sequence, and let me in.  I started updating the drivers and all seemed OK.  Next step:  Service Pack 3.  I went out to the Windows Update page, and about the time it started calculating the update, I got a BSOD from hell, replete with warnings of memory dumps and all manner of difficulties.

At which point, I decided my initial reinstall had perhaps not turned out as swimmingly as hoped.  I decided to do another.  And another.  And another.  They kept failing for one reason or another.  At one point, the machine stopped believing it had a hard drive at all.

I'm taking one final crack at it, using an older Dell-specific reinstall disk, because I once had problems with a similar old Dell laptop not liking a direct load of XP SP2.  I hope that fixes it.  If not, I'm going to have to cobble together a different machine for them to use for presentations for the time being.

I dread to consider what might go wrong with the internet testing this evening.