June 22nd, 2008


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Yesterday was, beyond a doubt, a pretty darned good day.  Eventful, but definitely one of the good ones. I got to sleep in a bit, then drove out to Midnight Comics for Free RPG Day.  It was my first visit to his new location and I was really impressed, both with the look of the store and the OMG number of people there early to get free swag and buy stuff.  I had to wait in line for ten minutes to check out.  He had a one item per person rule going on the freebies and I was able to snatch the last copy of the Song of Ice and Fire quickstart rules.  This is a new game for the license, unrelated to the previous book so many of my friends worked on.

After that, I drove into Houstopolis proper for lunch at Fadi's with burgundy, who was in town for her mom's birthday.  We caught up on events regarding the Clinic (where she and her mom used to work) and matters related to D&D (she got to play 4e early, as her brother had playtest copies).  It's nice having at least one friend with whom I can talk about work stuff and geek stuff in equal measure.  She's interviewing for a job with the Austin HIV Planning Council, so fingers crossed for her.

Following this, it was back home to watch the end of the Netherlands utter collapse to Russia at Euro 2008 and getting dressed for the evening.  We dropped C-Monster off at the In-Law's then drove down to the hospital to me the new nephew.

Yes, new nephew.  Jane's sister had a boy on Friday.  He's very small and cute and all the things one expects from babies.  While we were there she (the sister) and her husband finally decided to name him Henry.  I think for the moment, I shall refer to him as H-Bomb.

Following family visitation and baby holding, we drove down to Galveston.  Back in January, j_in_question and his ladylove, the Divine Miss A, opted to get married far from the eyes of friends and family in the distant wilds of Canada.  Refusing to be foiled by this, some of their friends put together a six months later "wedding reception" for them at a beach house down on Galveston Island.  After a brief, prescient stop for Jane to get vegetarian dinner, we hit the party venue.


This house was freaking amazing.  The view of the Gulf was stunning.  And the place next door is for sale, if anyone's got a spare $1.1 million laying around.

There was a bit of disruption to the festivities when a massive storm rolled through, but the net effect was just to cool things down nicely.  It was a very nice, laid-back affair with good food, good drinks, and good people.  By about 10 PM (and looking at an hour's drive home), we called it a night and headed back.

Definitely one for the win column.
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