July 1st, 2008


Boring Update From Camp Boredom

Life proceeds apace.  It doesn't suck.  This past weekend, we got C-Monster a new computer, which took the better part of an evening to set up, which led to me reinstalling XP on his old machine so Jane can use it in her studio to replace the aged and twitchy iMac.

I also printed out a number of gaming PDFs I'd picked up recently.  Mainly stuff for Atomic Sock Monkey's PDQ System, which I'm thinking of using for a short game/series in the near future (a short run of Truth & Justice to see how the HeroClix crew roll with RPGs. I found The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo a particularly worthwhile read which gave  me all sorts of ideas for things I could run for C-Monster (it would be a snap to do a "Camp Halfblood" game with these rules, for instance).

Work is work.  I will probably have to work on Friday, a holiday, specifically because it is a holiday.  We're running very short of space on one of our servers and it needs a newer bigger hard drive.  Since I can't operate during business hours, I'll have to go in and take care of it when no one's around.

Tonight D&D returns to 3rd edition.  I'm looking forward to it. Fourth Ed. has some neat bits, but I'm still far from sold on it.

Also, I need to go buy a shirt after work.  Stupid tomato sauce.
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