July 16th, 2008

Count Dante

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As birthdays where I had to work go, it's been a pretty good one.  I was running a little late this morning, which sucks since Wednesdays are team meeting first thing in the AM.  I got there to see a bunch of pastries on the conference table, in honor of my b'day.  Coolness.

Today is also the fifth anniversary of my taking over the running of the network at the office.  It's interesting to look back at how things have changed, and how now I actually HAVE a department to have weekly team meetings with.  It still takes some getting used to, once in a while, but I like it.

The rest of the day consisted of fairly ordinary work issues, a comics run, Buffalo wings, and cake.  The last bit was rather cool.  I had to go over to our administrative offices to set up a computer for a new hire.  One of our staff over there has the same birthday, and at her insistence, their cake fest included me.  Since I used to work quite closely with a lot of the folks over there (I don't anymore), it was nice to take a breath and visit for a bit.

Tonight was TACOS.   And more cake.  I'm bloated.  I also have the three Indy Jones films on DVD now, and the 40 Years of X-Men DVD.

Good day.
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