July 21st, 2008


Dr. Horrible (Probable Heresy, Relatively Spoiler-Free)

I thought it was OK.  It had it's moments.  It also had a few too many not so great moments for my tastes.  I also saw that ending coming from space.  Mr. Whedon has some very definite gifts as a writer.  Using the same basic gut-punch isn't one of them anymore.  Tara, Wash, Kitty...it's predictable now, and the whole point of a gut-punch is that it comes out of nowhere.  When, "Holy shit! NO!" is replaced by "Aw shit...I knew that was going to happen," it's time to get a new bag of tricks.

Austinites, Point Me To The Good Stuff!

This coming weekend, Jane and I are driving up for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  As is typical for us, we've got a few nebulous plans and objectives, and a good deal of time to fill.

The main plan is to stay near 6th Street and go listen to music in the evenings.  This is Jane's part of the plan and I am happy with it.  I've never done the 6th St thing in all my years of hanging around Austin and while I know it's not the same scene it was, there's still things to do.  Or so I'm told.  The hotel is already booked, and it sounds nice.

I know we'll hit the usual shopping spots (Book People, Dragon's Lair, Whole Foods, Waterloo, and Toy Joy).

I've got a couple of food destinations on tap (Mother's, the Clay Pit, Curra's, Chuey's, Kerbey Lane).

We've got dinner plans lined up with one old friend, but if any of the other Austin area folks reading this wants to grab a bite, let me know.

But I know there's got to be other stuff to do that we've never bothered with.  Like the French Legation Museum, and watching the bats fly, but other than that, I'm not sure what else we we're going to do to fill the time.

So feel free to suggest away.  We're driving up Friday morning and heading back after lunch on Sunday. If it's a food suggestion, remember they need to have vegetarian options beyond the dinner salad.  If it's an outdoor activity, remember that it's July and Austin is freakin' hot.
Count Dante

Cheap Counters - Further Refinements

Because I'm one of those lazy bums who's always trying to come up with a way to make something easier/more efficient.

Today, since I was in the city, I went shopping for more of the 1" disks I'm using to make counters.  Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby was out, and Michael's only had a rather overpriced seven for $1.50, and only one package of those.

However, Michael's did have something else:  Lara's Crafts' Alphabet Circles.  One inch wooden disks with a letter of the alphabet painted/printed on one side.  Best of all, a bag of 52 is only $1.99.  The best part, however is that the unpainted side has a heavy-duty adhesive backing.  Which means I only have to stick the cardstock on the disks, then seal them with the decoupage.  One could also paint the backs of the disks if one is opposed to the alphabet on aesthetic grounds.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do that or not.