July 28th, 2008


A handy reminder to self

To Do List, Week of 7/28/08:


Configure new Sonicwall
Once Sonicwall is configured, change 3311's IP addresses back
Set up laptop for Education
Switch out computer for TH
Attempt surgery on broken laptops to get one good one out of the deal


Level up Val.  Go over 3rd level Paladin spell list with an eye towards fighting a big fucking ghost dragon.
Work on stuff for potential Champions game.

What I've Done Instead Of The Plan Today

So far, various minor crises requiring my hands-on attention precluded me from accomplishing anything on the to-do list.

On the plus side, I finished Devil's Cape at lunch.  If you like superhero fiction, I highly recommend this one.  It's more openly superhero-y than Wild Cards and much less tongue-in-cheek than Soon I Will Be Invincible.  The author, Rob Rogers, is also a gamer (I found out about it from his signature on the Hero Games boards), but it doesn't read like gaming fiction.  It is rather dark and grim and violent, but it ends on a guardedly optimistic note.  Rogers is particularly deft in getting into the minds of mundane crime lords, infusing them with a humanity that could easily be overlooked in a book like this, much less a first novel.  There are couple of plot points you can see coming from space, but a few genuine surprises as well.  While the ending certainly allows for sequels, I understand Wizards of the Coast's novel lines are in flux, so I have no idea if we'll get one.  If we do, I'll certainly buy it.