August 5th, 2008


50 Things I Love About Comics

Swiped fromthebitterguy

  1. Bamf!
  2. "Prankster, Toyman, do you know what radio waves look like?" "No, why?" "BECAUSE I DO!"
  3. Who is Donna Troy?
  4. "I waste him with my crossbow!"
  5. Earth-2
  6. Kirby Dots
  7. *Editor's Note: Due to a necessary impurity, Green Lantern rings are powerless against the color yellow.
  8. The Titan Presidents of Bismoll!
  9. Elementals
  10. "Sweet Christmas!"
  11. The Goodwin/Simonson Manhunter
  12. The Englehart/Rogers run on Detective
  13. "Professor Xavier Is A Jerk!"
  14. "E equals MC squared, gosh I love Sue!" (Not an actual line from a comic, but it sums up so much.)
  15. "Like unto a thing of iron!"
  16. "Spoon!"
  17. Interlac
  18. All-Star Squadron
  19. The Real Infinity Inc.
  20. The Legion of Super-Heroes
  21. Vathlo Island
  22. Any double page spread that George Perez fills with characters.
  23. OHotMU and Who's Who
  24. These two panels.
  25. The Rocketeer
  26. 3X2(9YZ)4A
  27. The Executioner's last stand.
  28. The Great Darkness Saga
  29. The Judas Contract
  30. Mad, beautiful ideas
  31. Fabian Stankowicz
  32. Extremely Silly Comics, which contain my only published work in the field, crappy as it is.
  33. "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot."
  34. "Pick a number."
  35. MODOK and Karl
  36. Savage Sword of Conan
  37. Gorillas
  38. Runaways (probably the best new superhero comic of the past ten years)
  39. Morrison's run on New X-Men
  40. "How would you feel about life, if Death was your older sister?"
  41. "No deal, no how, Kent!  Not you, buddy boy!  The "Hairies" who inhabit the Wild Area -- Trust Nobody over twenty-five!  It's a Generation Gap type of scene, you know! (Also, the fact that Morgan Edge refers to Jimmy Olsen as "Our young Lochinvar" on the same page.)
  42. The fact that, before the late 70s, the only punctuation mark used by Marvel and DC letterers was the exclamation point!  Seriously!  I'm not kidding!
  43. That back in the day, you could sell a comic called "Son of Satan" at the local comicbook rack and no one batted an eye.  I miss the 70s sometimes.
  44. Giant-sized treasury editions.  Some day, I will own the LSH Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl one.
  45. Marvels
  46. Astro City
  47. Wolverine versus the Hellfire Club
  48. "I Am Curious (Black)"
  49. Superman
  50. The Justice Society of America

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No game tonight.  Rice closed the campus due to Edouard.  We're tentatively on for tomorrow night, but I'm not sure I'll be up for it, given that I've got to drive in to work early tomorrow to make sure everything's working properly.

I'm still planning to do something with Champions on Saturday, though at this point, only j_in_question and Jane are confirmed for it.  I miss the old "If I run it, they will come," approach I could take to gaming ten or fifteen years ago.  Now, the logistics are just daunting.  If this doesn't work out, maybe I need to take another shot at play by chat or Skype or something.