August 10th, 2008

Count Dante

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Well, the game went off alright.  The short version is that they managed to short-circuit the big combat encounter through some useful cleverness, which required me to go on a cleverness offensive of my own to figure out what needed to happen next.  Fortunately, my improvisational GMing skills are still up to snuff, so I was able to advance the plot while staying about one piece of information ahead of the players.  We broke after about four hours, which is generally my limit for these things nowadays, and everyone said they had a good time.  We play again in two weeks.

There's a complete write-up over here.  I don't feel like cross-posting it right now.

Last night, I typed up my notes and then stayed up way too late reading some comics trade collections I picked up on Friday.  (Have I mentioned we now have a Barnes & Noble in Scenic Pearland?  This is either a good or bad thing, depending on how vested you are in my financial well-being.)  Woke up with an incipient migraine.  Medication and food helped, but I'm still feeling drained.  I suspect there's a prolonged lie-down in my immediate future.
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