August 14th, 2008


I Lurve Living In The Future

I'm sitting at my desk this morning when my phone chimes, announcing an incoming text message.  It's j_in_question, messaging me from GenCon.  He needs to verify the books I'd asked him to pick up for me, since there's roughly a 50% chance they'll never end up in the local stores.  I reply.  He answers he's in line to buy them now.

I may not have cybereyes yet, and I still have to use a mouse to control computers, but there's something truly and magnificently cool about the trivial ease with which we can communicate over vast distances in real time.
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Yesterday remained crappy.  What should have been a five minute trip to verify the removal of a virus turned into an hour and a half fight with multiple system, followed by a complete Windows reinstall.  I ate lunch so late I didn't feel like eating again until after 9 PM, and by then, things got testy enough at home that Jane and I got into an argument that left her in tears.

In short, a bad day.

After I ate, things got worked out, and I got a decent night's sleep and I'm feeling pretty good this morning, though I'm still unhappy with a computer I'm trying to work on, but I'm determined to make the remainder of this week better than the first three days.