August 19th, 2008


Blather For A Boring Tuesday Morning

Last night, it was just C-Monster and myself at home for most of the evening, so we ate Taco Bell and took another crack at the Star Wars minis game.  This time, I took the Separatists and he took the Republic, as I wanted to see how even or uneven the odds might be.  He nearly beat me, but in the end, I got lucky enough to finish him off. On second playing, I can see how the game could be repetitive, but fortunately, we've got enough figures to hold that off.  He insisted he wanted to play the "Advance Rules," so I handed him a copy and told him when he's read them, we will.  Off he went to do just that.  He claims to have gotten through two pages before bedtime, which would be pretty good progress for him.

After that, I finished up my new character for tonight.  The general consensus of our group was that the introductory module we've been using to playtest 4th Edition just isn't that great, so rickj is moving us on to his own campaign.  I decided to drop my Warlord in favor of a swashbuckling Rogue.  I'm hoping this will be a bit more fun.
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