August 20th, 2008


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Last night's game went quite a bit better from my perspective.  The rogue is a better fit for me, I think.  Laughing, then jumping off things is much more suited to my tastes.

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My Five Dollar Savior

Long-time readers (and let's face it: I haven't added too many new readers lately that I know of) know of my ongoing struggles with migraines and medication management.  Astute readers might note that it's been quite a while since I've complained of running out of meds well before my refill window.

This is all due to a bit of online research and a five buck pill cutter.  I learned that a 50 mg dosage of Imitrex is actually enough for someone in my weight range, but the pills are dispensed in 100 mg.  So a few months back, when I was getting low on stock, I decided an experiment was in order.  I bought a pill cutter and gave it a shot.

Sure enough, it worked just as well as usual.  Except I still had an extra half pill left.

Since then, this has been my standard procedure.  This morning, I picked up my refill.  Nine new pills.  I still had four whole ones left.

Yes, in a perfect world, my insurance would spring for sufficient medication to cover my needs.  But the current scenario still beats this time last year (when I was juggling two different medications in insufficient amounts).