September 6th, 2008


The Happy Clatter of Dice on the Kitchen Table

Today we played Champions again.  We had the same crew as last time, and while we got off to a late start and ended a bit early, it was still a good time.  Most of the adventure was a major slugfest, adapted from one of the oldest adventures ever written for the game ("Terror in the Treasures," from Adventurer's Club #3, from the spring of '84).  I spruced it up a bit, threw in some NPC stuff, and let the players loose.  The result is immortalized here.

And that was pretty much the whole of my day.  The campaign is six weeks old and we've played three sessions.  That's better than I've managed as a GM, in terms of regularity of play, in ages.  Next time, we should be adding one more player, so if he works out, I'll be at maximum capacity.
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