September 8th, 2008


Yay. Another Storm.

So, Ike is heading in the general direction.  I expect it'll actually land somewhere south and west of us, down near Corpus Christi, but at this point, who knows?

It does mean that I've got about a 50% chance of having to stay late at work on Friday to back up a server.

Regardless of whether or not it comes in on Galveston, we'll be sitting tight.
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An Observation on Accents and the Relative Rarity of Native Houstonians

We caught the premiere of "True Blood" on HBO last night.  Definitely cool and true to the books.

A couple of folks I know enjoyed it but complained about the apparent hodgepodge of accents.  Which I really didn't get.  Which got me to thinking about these things probably more than I should.

It's not that I don't hear or distinguish accents.  I do.  I can certainly tell a West Virginia accent from a south Louisiana accent from a Texas accent if I'm thinking about it.  But I don't catalog them that way.  The problem is, they all sort of sound like Houston accents to me.  Because Houston is the city that everyone (except Jane and her family) moved TO.  As such, there is no Houston accent.  The Houston accent is whatever you brought from wherever you learned to speak English in the first place.

Having lived here for over half of my adult life, anything and everything sounds "normal."  Hell, last week in the ER, there were a half dozen people in there speaking Russian.  For suburban Houston, that's not a novelty.

It's kind of neat, I suppose.