September 10th, 2008


Well, I'm Rested. I Think.

So, last night, I told Jane that I don't think Unisom is working for me in the sleep-aid department anymore.  She mentioned her doctor had given her some Ambien a while back and she'd never used it, so I decided to give one a shot before I took a bath to unwind.

The good:  I was definitely asleep at a decent hour.  Like maybe 9:30 or so.  And I slept through the night and woke up reasonably rested.

The bad:  Before I fell asleep I was, as the poet said, dazed and confused.  Jane had to help me out of the bath and she re-assumed custody of the Ambien.  That much I remember more or less clearly.  Everything else would probably be pretty entertaining to someone who's a bit less of a control freak.

I think I'll go by the Clinic and ask one of the docs for Lunesta.  I had pretty good luck with it.

(no subject)

Well, it looks like the large-scale furniture move is no longer scheduled for this Friday.  Provided Ike stays on the forecast track, chances are I won't have to do back-up stuff on Friday night either.

At this rate, I might actually have a decent (if wet) weekend.  Knock on wood.