September 11th, 2008


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Given my frame of mind last night, Ambien was a really good thing.

We now have a plan of action, which helps me considerably.

The storm is also continuing to do extremely odd things, which gives me a fair bit of optimism.  It now looks like it isn't going to come in way south of here, then hook up into San Antonio still carrying CAT2 winds.  In fact, it looks like it may only be a CAT 1 or a weak 2 by the time it encounters Scenic Pearland.

Spoke to Mom and younger brother and assured them we were OK and prepared to ride this one out.

C-Monster's school lets out in half an hour.  We're closed for the duration (probably until Monday).

Work-wise, I'll be doing the manual backups on the one site that requires them remotely from home.  Boss-man will be driving into town tomorrow and will pick up the portable hard drive and the other backup apparatus in the morning and get home well ahead of the storm.

With any luck, that fence our HOA was pestering us about will blow over.
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