September 12th, 2008


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Well, we're as ready for this thing as we're going to be.  The yard is picked up, provisions are laid in, and far-off relatives have once again been reassured.  I did the one backup that has to be done by hand via remote connection last night and my boss picked it up this morning, so there's nothing more to do for work at this point. 

The storm surge is already affecting coastal areas, though that's far from us and not a concern.  I expect we'll start getting tropical storm conditions in the next two hours or so and things will get worse around 9 PM.  Even so, it looks like Ike is coming in as a Cat 2, and the latest wind predictions say we aren't likely to get anything over 100 mph where we are.  Still, I don't know how much sleep I'll get tonight.

Right now, my biggest concern is electricity.  The power will either go out or it won't.  It will either be restored quickly or it won't.
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