September 16th, 2008



We got out power back around 12:30 this afternoon.  We got our phone/internet connection sorted out a few minutes ago.  I'll post something more comprehensive later.

A More Detailed (But Still Garbled And Impressionistic) Accounting

The phone/DSL keeps dropping.  Not surprising given the hit our infrastructure took. Hopefully, I can complete this before it drops again.

The storm was terrible.  I never want to go through something like that again.  In retrospect, the winds we suffered through were MUCH worse than I reported the other day, closer to 60 mph sustained and gusts up to 100.  We also got about 8 inches of rain.  Jane woke up when the shaking of the house roused her.

The fence is dead.  Finally.  It collapsed quite spectacularly, but not completely.  Perversely, the one post that should have folded instantly is one of the few still standing.  Of course, strength is relative and the whole thing was pretty rotten.

We also lost about 20% of our shingles on the top section of the roof.  We took in some water, but because we were awake, we caught the leaks in time to punch some holes in the drywall and drain them, avoiding something more catastrophic.

All in all, we were really lucky.  Our neighbors across the street had something like 2/3 of their ceiling in their entire house collapse while they were in the house.  They're OK physically, but the house is uninhabitable for many, many months.

Jane's folks had a small tornado set down near their place.  It tore up some trees and deposited one in their pool (destroying the pool cover in the process, but missing the house entirely).

C-Monster's school was spared much in the way of damage.  He goes back to school tomorrow and Jane goes back to work.  I'm home at least one more day, as we're still waiting for power to come back at any of our locations.

Of course, whatever we've had happen to us pales before the fate of Galveston.  The scope of the damage there is just too much to process.  I know they'll rebuilt, but it's not going to be the same place anymore.

Three and a half days without power was not fun, but we got through it.  We had water and gas throughout, so that mitigated a host of possible problems.  We had a battery powered TV and a crank-operated radio, so we got some news every day.  A slow trickle of stores opened each day, and we were able to keep the larder stocked and even managed some Marble Slab ice cream yesterday.

The biggest problem in our neck of the woods is gasoline.  There are still huge swaths of territory without power at the moment, and most of the gas stations were out of fuel before Ike hit.  As a result, they have to wait to get power restored, THEN wait for a fuel delivery.  As a result, every gas station in the area has a constant 1-2 hour wait (minimum) until the station runs out of fuel, at which point the sequence begins anew.  We tried to hit a station we knew about this morning at 6, and there was a mile long line of cars just parked, waiting for the fuel delivery.  Since we both still had half tanks, we decided to pass.  As it turns out, Jane's family ice business has been getting paid in gasoline by a number of their smaller customers, so they've got about 150 gallons in reserve.

Thank you all for the kind words and good thoughts.  Here's hoping the net connection stays up now.
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