September 21st, 2008

Emo Superman

Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Tomorrow

Will suck.  Big time.

Seriously.  Tomorrow, we're recalling all staff to work.  The problem with this is twofold:

1) Our administration building is still without power.  There's a generator on site that will be set up tomorrow, and the plan is to run accounting and our servers (and a few fans) off it.  Of course, a good deal of this will depend on our network connectivity between the site and our main office being good (we've been unable to test it).

2) Our main building is still without internet connectivity.  Which means no outside email.  Various attempts to reroute it through our one building with internet access have failed, due to the way our inter-site routers are set up to carry the traffic for our phone system.

And that's not even counting the three PCs I need to replace due to various oddness that probably has nothing to do with the storm.

Right now, if I had a genii and three wishes, the first two would involve power and internet for work.  The third would probably be to fix my roof instantly.
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