September 26th, 2008

Count Dante

(no subject)

AT&T can't get someone out to look at the DSL problem until Wednesday afternoon.  Not entirely surprising, but disappointing all the same.  The BlackBerry wireless solution is better than nothing, and certainly better than the several days in the dark, so I'm not really complaining too hard.

Since I am using it for a modem, it's on and nearby, which means I'm seeing my work emails.  Including a pair from our CEO and the Chairman of our BOD in which I was one of six staff members singled out for service to the organization above and beyond the call of duty in the recent hurricane and aftermath.  I have certain ingrained issues about feeling good for just doing my job, but Jane tells me this is a good and well-deserved plaudit, so I will accept it with good grace and even brag on myself a bit here.
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