September 28th, 2008


I Don't Think I Have An Icon That Conveys This Level Of Stupid

My only defense is that I've been only remotely in my right mind the past two weeks and most of my cognitive abilities have been focused on work.

In short, the DSL is fine.  Was fine all along.  The problem was entirely my doing.  Last week, when I put my office back together post-Ike, I included a new UPS.  Which has a built in phone/DSL line protector.  You plug one into a jack and an outbound cable into the modem.

On Wednesday night, when our DSL went down, I obviously unplugged the cable from the jack that goes from the UPS to the wall, resulting in instant outage.   Of course, I'd forgotten all about the pass-through when I was trouble-shooting, and I completely failed to notice the cable leaving the modem didn't match the cable going into the wall.  Until this morning.  I grabbed the modem cable and plugged it directly into the DSL filter, and got a lovely solid green light within seconds.

So, we're back online.  Also, I think I'm developing bronchitis.  The junk I coughed up this morning had that distinctive color and texture, even if I'm not really running a fever.
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I broke down and went to the doc in a box down at the local Walgreen's.  The prognosis is either a very mild sinus infection, or more likely, just really bad allergies (it's hard to say, because I'm not running a fever most of the time, but once in a while, it'll creep just about 99, so bleah.)  It's definitely not bronchitis, it's all in my head/throat, whatever it is.  I've got Flonase and some sort of industrial cough suppressant, and orders to consume lots of fluids.

My energy levels are still crap.  I suppose I'll just camp on the couch and watch football.
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