September 29th, 2008


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I woke up feeling a bit better today.  Far from 100%, but good enough to work.  Got a fair amount done.  Lost a fight with some malware that had taken out a machine's ability to print.  Even after I got it cleaned off, and even after running System Restore, I couldn't get the service to reappear, so I had to reload Windows on it.

Also found out that, even though I really like my work notebook, I may be replacing it with a tablet PC in the near future.

Made (more properly, prepared and added a few personal touches to) foul mudummus for dinner.  It was good.
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My Metal, It Has Limits

So, I freely admit that fantasy-themed Power Metal is one of my guilty pleasures.  I will gladly crank up the Dragonforce, or Rhapsody, or Edguy without a second thought.  But man, even I have my limits.

Today, I faced them in the form of 80s power guitar legend Yngvie Malmsteen's "Viking."  Musically, it wasn't entirely awful.  But my gods and goddesses, the lyrics.  The burning!

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