October 2nd, 2008


The Long Dark Teatime of the Whatsit

It's almost 8 PM.  I'm still at work.  I may be here another three or four hours.  Or eight.  Or thirty minutes.  Answer uncertain, ask again later.

The consultants are here, on the phone with Microsoft, trying to coax our servers back into a spirit of cordial fraternity.  One such is refusing to speak politely with another of its peers and its wreaking havoc with our user data.  I have three people who started this week who I can't give email and access rights because of it.

So, Microsoft's high-end support tech (and it is WAY beyond anything you or I could hope to receive) is currently logged into our system doing the same things I tried and the consultants already tried.  Which is kind of reaffirming in that it shows I do know what I'm doing, at least enough to know when I'm in over my head.

But other than that, I'm basically babysitting right now.  And may be for quite some time.  Please, let us all hope for sooner, rather than later.
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