October 4th, 2008


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I'm officially unsuitable for human company now.  We decided that, given our mutual respiratory ailments, some spicy Indian fare at our favorite local would be good for dinner (especially since C-Monster discovered he actually LIKES something on their menu).

Sadly, it's clear they've changed ownership.  The service was never great in the past, but now it's disastrous.  Our food took something like 45 minutes to come out, and then it was clear they'd had some major shake-ups in the kitchen.  Jane's aloo ghobi was, in her words, the worst she'd ever eaten, and C's chicken korma was a lot spicier than in the past, which made it hard for him to eat.

I feel like a fist: closed off and clenched and useless for anything but violence.

The only plus side to our expedition was a call Jane got while we were waiting for the food.  It was State Farm, informing us that our house sustained about $15K damage in the storm and that the checks would be mailed out early next week.

Tomorrow, I intend to do as little as possible until noon.  I think the universe owes me that much.  After that, it's back in the saddle to pack up more of the upstairs.
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