October 8th, 2008


Any Idiot Can Break Things. To REALLY Screw 'Em Up, You Need AT&T

So, last week, when the consultants were here trying to figure out the DNS issue, one of them noticed the connection between this office and our main building was, well, not insufficient, but not optimal.  It wasn't dropping data from the transmissions, but it was taking longer than it should.  This was passed along to my boss, who called AT&T about it today.

On the plus side, they took him seriously.  And immediately began what is called "intrusive testing."  Never mind they did this during business hours and one effect of intrusive testing is that it knocks your connection down for the duration, they did it anyway.  Because they're AT&T, goddammit.

They determined there was something wrong with the circuit.  Because the testing BROKE it.  We've been without network and phone access since about 2 PM.  Thankfully, we've got separate internet coverage, so we can implement a few work-arounds, but it's still absurd.

Zod is not amused.
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