October 20th, 2008


Blursdays...I could never quite get a handle on Blursdays.

Yes, it's Blursday, that day when even though the calendar tells you it's Monday of a new week, you're so toasted due to working a full day on the "weekend" and working your tail off on home projects on the other weekend day that you're not sure when you are anymore.

Yesterday, according to the calendar, I spent eight hours at two of our locations, running Windows Update and inventorying our hardware.  Originally, the plan was to just do the inventory, but since we've never gotten a good handle on pushing Windows Updates, it was a golden opportunity.  A golden, time-consuming, opportunity, but worthwhile in the long-term.

Today started off alright.  A couple of minor challenges, but nothing too bad.  A site Director declaring her fax machine broken when actually two of the four numbers it had failed to transmit to were offline and a third was a wrong number (and not a fax machine).  Then a circuit went down.  And Boss's Boss was having weird Blackberry problems.  And in the middle of it, my Exchange Server went briefly pear-shaped.

Also, Rudy Ray Moore died.  RIP, Dolemite.

This evening, as I was supervising C's homework, I got the dreaded "Validation Needed" message on my BlackBerry.  This means the device and provider have lost communication with our Exchange Server.  CRAP!

I try to remote in.  FAIL!

I try to access webmail.  EPIC FAIL!

I call my boss, who informs me that the internet went down at our main building around 5:30.  Crap on a crap-flavored cracker!

It came back up just before 9, so at least we won't have to deal going in to an internet-dead organization in the morning, but sheesh!

So, how was your Blursday?
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