October 26th, 2008


Ugh. Also, Guh...

Yesterday, I ran my game.  Which meant getting up earlier than usual and making sure the kitchen and dining room were presentable.  Since we had a fairly nasty ant incursion in the early part of the week, this task was rather more in-depth than it might usually be.

The game went OK, though very short, due to the unfortunate last-minute absence of two players.  Still, a good time was had, so no complaints.

This morning, I got up and watched Liverpool break Chelski's unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. It's been 86 games since they last lost on home turf, which is an amazing streak in any sport.  And for the Reds to be the team to finally beat them?   Without fielding Torres? Icing on the Win cake.  And now, all alone on top of the Premiership.  Yes, I know the season's still young, but it's still a glorious thing to behold.

After that, the day took a turn for the icky.  As previously mentioned, Jane's mom hired me to set up her business network and today was the day.  What I hadn't counted on was multiple technical glitches with the internet connection, and Jane's siblings and their kids all underfoot, making things noisy and crowded, and generally harder to work around than normal.  Still, we got it up in five hours and the money will pay my way to Wizard World in two weeks, so I'm not complaining too much.

Dinner was Red Robin.  Tonight will consist of "True Blood" and sleepies.

Another weekend blurs past.  Hopefully the next won't be so frantically paced.
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