October 28th, 2008


Attempting Viral-ization

Yoinked from em_gumby.

From "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron

List five childhood accomplishments.


List five favorite childhood foods.
Treat yourself to one of them this week.

Five childhood accomplishments

1.  Made National Junior Honor Society in 7th grade.
2.  Won a prize for best report on a foreign country.
3.  Stopped a penalty shot from that student from Mexico who'd been playing soccer since he could walk.
4.  Got lost for half an hour at the Texas State Fair and found my way back to my parents unassisted.
5.  District All-Star Cast in the One Act Play competition. (Technically teenhood, but a major accomplishment of my years as a minor)

Five favorite childhood foods.
1.  My mother's chicken fried steak
2.  My mother's enchiladas
3.  Oreos
4.  Nopalitos con huevos
5.  Day-old Pizza Inn sausage and mushroom pizza, room temperature.  With milk.

I suspect the only childhood favorite I can indulge easily is going to be the Oreos.