October 29th, 2008


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Tonight was another chapter of hwrnmnbsol's D&D game.  It was also the night he decided to let the group in on the fact that it's going to be a Spelljammer game.  Well, he let everyone else in the group know, anyway.  I've known since the beginning, a perk of my character.  Of course, said character is about to give her entire race the big kiss-off, so I'm not sure if the perks are all they're cut out to be.

It was pretty much a 100% roleplaying night, as opposed to 95% combat/5% roleplaying, which was a nice break.  Our youngest player said he'd never had so much fun playing in a session with no combat.  What ARE they teaching our RPGing youth these days?  Several characters became much better defined, and the overall tone of the campaign got somewhat shifted into a Steampunk motif.  The latter was probably inevitable, given we already had two PCs playing the parts of Gnomes and Flotsam, but just about everyone seemed to catch the mood tonight, and I realized that a snazzy pair of goggles is exactly what my swordmage needs to complete her look.
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