November 6th, 2008



I'm leaving for Wizards World up in DFW tomorrow morning (and yes, jkubenka, if your clan is going to be around, I'd love to try and meet up for dinner or maybe lunch on Sunday or something - I've got a load of Inuyasha books for the Alien Fighter).  One of the things I always take to cons is a blank sketchbook I use to accumulate autographs from comics types.  Over the years, I've accumulated some pretty impressive ones, along with a few neat sketches from artists who can't bear the thought of empty space on paper.

So, of course, I can't find it, thanks to all the shuffling and reorganizing and boxing and moving of stuff post-Ike.  And while I could take a different one to accomplish the same task, folks who understand comics tend to like the idea that they're going in the same book with Kirby and Siegel and Eisner.

I'll make one last push to look for it tonight.
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