November 7th, 2008


Wizard World Texas Day One

It started poorly.  After getting totally jazzed over only having to pay $24 to fill up my car, I promptly backed it into a sign pylon at the gas station, tearing my rear bumper up significantly.

Then, an hour from home, I realized I'd left behind the big stack of Inuyasha manga  I meant to give to a jkubenka's daughter.

As I was coming into Dallas, a pick up truck full of wooden pallets entered the freeway ahead of me.  Something about it struck me as wrong, so I made a rather abrupt lane change.  Lucky thing that, as just as I went around it, two pallets blew off the back.  If I'd still been behind him, they'd have hit my windshield.

Then, while trying to find a parking space, I nearly got hit again.

After that, things picked up.  I found my party fairly quickly, wandered around the Dealers' Room a bit, then decided to play HeroClix, which turned out better than I'd expected all in all.  I spent two of the three rounds at the second place table, and went two for three, before j_in_question dashed my hopes (actually, I did a fine job of that all by myself through a couple of serious tactical miscues).

Dinner involved steak and beer.

So, my car is messed up, but I'm not dead or in the hospital, and I'm having a good time, so that'll do.  Tomorrow, I plan on hitting the dealers' room in earnest.
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