November 9th, 2008


Wizard World Texas - Day Three

Day Two ended up OK, by the way.  Good dinner followed by a good night's sleep.

This morning, we got up, had the breakfast buffet at the Crowne Plaza, then drove over to the Con.  Which wasn't opening until 11 AM.  WTF?  So, we stood around a while.  Of our merry band of seven, four had qualified for the finals in the HeroClix tournament, so after I wished them luck, and bought some stuff from WizKids, I went on to hit the dealers' room and artists' alley.  Got a chance to meet Matt Wagner and Terry Moore, which was cool, and spoke briefly with Billy Tucci about his current Sergeant Rock comic.  When I mentioned I was really taken with the brief Haunted Tank cameo in issue #1, he said, "Well, take a look at this," and turned some pages in a portfolio full of penciled pages for an upcoming issue, with a much longer sequence involving the world's toughest Stuart tank.

After that came shopping in earnest.  I'd gotten wind of a dealer on the floor who was selling HeroClix 'bricks' (half-cases) at less than 50% of retail.  I found him and snatched one up.  As it contained both the new Iron Fist and the Power Man & Iron Fist duel figures, I'm quite happy with it.  I also got Jane a DC superheroines t-shirt and the Alex Ross Obama shirt for myself.

And thus, with money spent and goods in hand, I bid Wizard World adieu.  Even with the lost day, I had a good time going up there and hanging out, so I'll chalk this one up in the win column.  I stopped off in Arlen Ennis for lunch at Bubba's BBQ, a venerable Texas institution if ever there was one, and the drive home was otherwise uneventful.  I've got tomorrow off to recover and work on my game for this weekend.
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