November 12th, 2008


A Lousy Couple Of Days

In the most classic and literal sense possible.  C-Monster's school is dealing with an infestation of head lice.  And while the boy is not Patient Zero, he has been sent home the past two days.  Yesterday, there was definitely a problem and I used the harsh shampoos and fine toothed comb and all that stuff, but I honestly think today they were seeing some dandruff flakes.

Nonetheless, these sending him home incidents cannot continue another day.  There's one sure-fire way to deal with this, and I think it's time.  In all likelihood, as I'm typing this, the razor is doing its work at home.

Somewhere in all of this, I told him that if we did have to do this to him, I would join him in depilatory solidarity.  Considering I haven't cut my hair in over a year, this will be a substantial change, but a deal's a deal.
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