November 19th, 2008


Am I Tapping A Heretofore Unknown Literary Market Here, Or Just Looking For The Impossible?

I had an idea and wanted to seek out some inspirational reading for it.  Thing is, the inspirational stuff is largely from the genre commonly known as techno-thrillers.  You know the drill - Special Ops, Impossible Missions, incredibly well-trained units with silly ass code names.  Plenty of that stuff out there, as I understand it.

But here's the rub.  I've read a few back in the day (mostly in the early days of the genre, back when Clancy was still getting his feet) but quickly grew tired, then annoyed, then pissed over the part Liberals and liberal politics inevitably play in such works.  At best, they're the pathetic cardboard cutout Colmes to the author's Hannity.  Most of the time, they're pathologically wrong, to the point that the entire world is in danger and the only way to save us from the mess their brie-eating-tree-hugging-terrorist-loving ways have wrought is for Manly-McRepublican-Von-GunPorn to leap from a stealthed helicopter, armed to the gums with one of everything from Jane's Defense Weekly and kill the Scary Brown Person Du Jour.

In other words, any given season of "24," mixed with the Oliver North slash-fic you know they've got hidden away somewhere on

Now, I know going in this is an inherently Right-Wing friendly genre.  Hell, it's THE Right-Wing friendly genre.  But surely, there's got to be some stuff out there that breaks the mold just a bit.  Where Lefties aren't wrong simply to prove the righteousness of the heroes.

I posted about this on RPG net and got an indifferent response.  A couple of SF titles that I'm not sure really fit the bill.  Something by Warren Ellis called Jack Cross, which sounds promising, and that's about it.  I'm currently reading Greg Rucka's recent run on DC Comic's Checkmate, which is actually pretty close to what I'm looking for: a setting where the UN aren't chumps, and where politics has deeper ramifications than than "Those guys won't do as we say, send in Team Rainbow Bright Seven Force!"

Any recommendations, LJ friends, or am I hitting a dry hole?
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