November 20th, 2008

Doc Savage

Pointless Update On My Boring Life

This week has moved at a snail's pace.  Maybe it's because I'm actually looking forward to working only three days next week and flying solo at my office for most of them.  While I like having backup, there are times when I miss the solitude I had back in the day.  At any rate, I've had the date wrong all week, and it's still only Thursday.

This morning, we had a conference with C's teacher.  The Good is that he's a smart, imaginative, generally well-behaved kid.  The Bad is that he's screwing up math assignments because he's being lazy and sloppy and not following directions or checking his work when he's done.  Even more troubling, the teacher noted he often refuses to eat lunch.  That's a big one with his medication issues, and explains why he's not putting on weight.  She actually pulled him out of class so we could tell him that we knew he hadn't been eating every day and that his teacher now knows to tell us if it ever happens again.

Jane's brother is at the point of the year where he needs to keep his employees busy, so he's decided to go into fence contracting for the next few weeks.  He's doing ours and the neighbors behind us, which is nice because we can be neighborly and offer to split the cost with them for the adjoining fence (which they opted to tear down post-Ike when I really don't think it was necessary) and we'll have complete fencing on all sides when he's done.  Also, he's only charging us for materials, so bonus.

Still trying to decide what to do about that OwlCon slot.  drelmo mentioned another alternative which could be pretty interesting if it works, running a non-retro funk Marvel Super-Heroes game aimed at kids attending the con.  I've got a little experience GMing for kids, thanks to C-Monster, but I don't know if I'm up to that level of challenge.  At this point, I'm still reading Wild Talents and thinking about running it instead, but the other option is still there, like a stone in my shoe.
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Even though I suck at it badly, there's much to be said for the therapeutic value of tooling around the virtual Nordschleife in a virtual Aston Martin DBR9.

Number 007, of course.

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