November 21st, 2008


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I figured out why the week seems so long.  Even though it was only for two hours, I did go into work on Sunday.  It seems that counts as a day of work to my subconscious.

This morning, Jane got up at 5 AM to go stand in line and get the new fancy touch-screen Blackberry.  It's very shiny, but I just don't share her passion for the latest and greatest gadget.  I have a perfectly serviceable Razr, and my work Blackberry is at least two generations behind the curve at this point.

Today's major task involves restoring the networking capability of one of our whinier exec's notebook PC.  Also, trying to figure out how many working machines I have on hand at the moment and what I need to do to get the non-working ones back in circulation.  Also, I need to find a Sonicwall consultant to hire so we can get our firewall reconfigured with the enhanced O/S.  Of course, if I don't find someone today, I may have to way until after Turkey Day.
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