December 5th, 2008

Emo Superman

Gaming Loses Another Good One

Andy Mathews, Art Director, Layout Artist, and all-around good guy for Hero Games passed away this week.  He was only 41. I never met him, but people I trust thought the world of the man.

Rough year for the industry on a lot of levels.
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Odd & Ends

Once again, I'm reminded of what a fine investment Hero Designer was.  Last night, I finally figured out where the Champions adventure needs to go and wrote my outline.  I paged through a couple of sourcebooks, found the all the baddie demon things I needed in one sourcebook, then bought a five buck data file, opened them in HD, tweaked a couple, printed them out, and I'm all set for tomorrow.  Beats the hell out of spending hours (and I mean HOURS) either entering things into a spreadsheet by hand or writing out character sheets on paper with a calculator handy.

It was a good week for comics.  Immortal Iron Fist, Batman Last Rites, and Wolverine - Manifest Destiny top my list.  And who'd've thunk I'd ever find myself buying, reading, and enjoying a Wolverine mini-series.  But this is different.  This is "Big Trouble in Little China" with Wolvie as Jack Burton.  For reals.  This issue, he pretty much just gets his ass kicked by a bunch of super kung fu guys for the entire issue.  Believe me, it's better than it sounds.

In other news, I finally found a post-merger Sirius-XM station I like.  Outlaw Country plays a weird mix of country and blues and rock and roots music and stuff that Nashville won't touch on a bet. Just today I heard Emmylou Harris and the Rolling Stones back to back, along with Merle Haggard, and BR-549, The Old 97s, Mr. Cash and his lovely bride, their daughter, Hank, Tom Russell, and a bunch of folks I'd never heard before.  Also, Mojo Nixon is their afternoon/evening DJ.  Considering the merger pretty much castrated every station I liked and staffed them with Sirius blatherskites, it's nice to find one that doesn't suck.

Tonight, Jane's off at the Duran Duran concert with a friend.  C-Monster and I had pizza and watched cartoons and read comics.  He's got a book on how comics are made, and was full of questions about it.  I may have to go out to my long boxes and pull my published work out to show him that I actually know a wee tiny bit about the making of funnybooks.  In the meantime, I took down my original art page from an old Marvel Team-Up so he could look at it.

Tomorrow, I've got to clean house so we can throw dice.  At some point this weekend, I also need to bring in the Xmas stuff so we can get the tree set up.  But for now, I think I'm going to go lie in bed and watch X-Men on cable for the thousandth time.  Might as well keep the superheroic inspiration flowing.
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