December 6th, 2008


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The game went well.  Our heroes are now in Hell (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) tasked with the prevention of a demonic ascension.  We'll wrap up the plotline next week.  I started on a write-up for the Hero Games boards, but I'm too tired.

Dinner was Collina's, a lovely local Italian spot and then we went to a gathering at demusetta's.  Socialized a bit and had some chocolate and cake, then found out about some shit going down at our church that made my blood boil.  Jane knew it would royally piss me off so she didn't say anything.  At this point, I'm just done with the place.  If I wanted to be in a disfunctional organization that can't keep its shit together for more than two months, I'd have stayed in the SCA.  I get more spiritual well-being out of watching soccer on Sunday mornings than I do going to services.

But apart from that, a pretty good day.  Tomorrow, Xmas decorations.
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