December 10th, 2008


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Houston's weather continues to be psychotic.  We're back to ugly nasty wet and cold (real cold, as in snow flurries and sleet just north of here).  So, of course, I had to spend most of my morning tramping around in it, purchasing and delivering printers.  I'm now finding reasons not to leave my desk until it's time to go home.  So far, so good.

I seem to have avoided a downturn in health.  Getting to bed at a decent hour helped, though I could stand some more sleep.  C-Monster's extra credit project looked pretty good (it's a family tree going back to his great-grandparents), so I'd say last night's lay-off was worth it.  Tonight, I need to start putting things together for Saturday's game.  I'm anticipating a major league set-piece fight, so I'm thinking of going the extra mile on presentation for it.  We'll have to see what I can whip up over the course of three evenings.
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Awesome Bear!


As I type this, it's snowing in Houstopolis. It's not accumulating, and I think the high tomorrow is going to be near 60f, but for the moment, we have one of those rare moments where it's almost as cold as Canuckistan in the summer.

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I've actually never seen "Batman & Robin" (the Clooney Bat-Movie with Ahhnold).  I'm now watching it dubbed in Spanish.

Gracias, Telefutura!
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There is indeed snow on the ground.  About quarter inch in open areas, like the soccer field next door.

I have eggnog.  Life is good.
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