December 12th, 2008


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The knee works today.  I think I just hyperextended something when I tried to stand up.

Work today is largely time-killing until noon.  The annual lunch is usually a pretty good time and I should be on my way home by three or so.  That'll allow me ample time to finish game prep. Must remember to buy a glue stick.

Also, we're changing wireless provider here at the office to Verizon.  No, Jane had nothing to do with this, and we don't get any personal kickbacks.  However, I will be getting the software to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Server, which is pretty cool, and I've got to decide between now and Monday if I want a Storm.  On the plus side, they're pretty nifty.  On the negative, I'll have to pay $179 out of pocket to do so.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards it, but I want to discuss with Jane before I say yes.
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Dice Meme

From mechanteanenome:

Do you re-roll cocked dice? Of course.
Do you re-roll floor dice? Yes.
Do you roll where everyone can see it? When I'm playing, yes. When I'm GMing, not so much.
Do you feel betrayed by your dice when they roll poorly? Yes.
Do you have a favorite type of die? What is it? Probably d6s, though I like d20s and d10s a lot too.
Do you have different dice for different functions? Yes.
Do you have different dice for different games? Yes.  I have a tub full of six-siders I use for Champions, and a sack of polyhedrals for D&D and other games.
Do you have more of a single type of die than the others? What is it? Lots of d6.
Do you have FUDGE dice? Yes. Bought the GM pack a few years ago so I could lend some to everyone at the table.
Do you have scatter dice? No.
Do you let other people touch your dice? Yes.
Do you have dice superstitions? What are they? Yes.  My polyhedrals have to match.  They also live in a leather dicebag my younger brother gave me for xmas when I was in high school.
Do you buy more dice even though you don't need them? No.
What's your favorite die? Probably the stainless steel d20.
If you were to put custom symbols on a die what would they be? No clue.
Do you have dice made of anything particularly different than normal? What? The aforementioned stainless steel d20.  Also a set of jade d10s, and some hollow clear plastic d6s with LEDs in them.
What do you keep your dice in? A plastic tub and my dice bag.  I also have an old candy jar where I put my retirees.
Do you have more than one dice container? Yes.
Do you keep dice in your pocket? Your glovebox? Your workplace? I carry my dice bag in my book bag and my book bag pretty much goes everywhere with me.
If you have a partner that games, do you have separate dice? Yes.
Do you have any of the first dice you bought or received? Yes. I've still got an incomplete set of the original D&D dice.  The d12 is lost to the ages and the d4 probably ended up  in the bottom of someone's foot.
Do you play certain games just because they have you roll lots of dice? Yes.
Do you love your dice? How much? Kind of.  They're sort of a personal totem, so make of that what you will.
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