December 17th, 2008



Nine years.  Nine years since Jane showed herself to be the bravest person I know.  Nine years since C-Monster joined us.   It doesn't seem possible.  Happy Birthday, son.

At the party on Sunday, darkpurplemusic gave us a card made out of a picture she took when I was in the ICU holding him for the first time.  I'm going to try to scan it and put it up today, if only to post a public reminder of why I should never let my hair get that long again.
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Emo Post

For what was largely an uneventful day, it was a trying one nonetheless.  Communications errors with other departments led to the grand toner fiasco extending into my drive home and half an hour after I got to the house.   I suspect the weather is affecting my moods adversely and I'm tired and wanting my vacation, which is still a week away.  Despite C-Monster getting an extra special dinner and time to play his D/S on a school night, he still managed a screaming meltdown at bath time and declared this the "worst birthday ever."

At the same time, I'm feeling significant levels of cabin fever.  On some level, this may be a good thing, because I haven't much felt like going out and doing things for the past few months, but it's frustrating, because I have no idea what it is I want to do.  Which just leaves a sort of pent-up frustrated dissatisfaction with the status quo coupled with an incredible amount of inertia and uncertainty about what I should do to change it.