December 19th, 2008


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This morning had more Stupid, but since it was my own, it just makes me shake my head a bit instead of ranting and raving.

(Short version: Internet is down at one of our offices.  It's possible to give them internet access via our main office, but it requires reconfiguring the IP addresses of their computers.  I tried something half-assed the first time around which gave them absurdly slow access and didn't ping to it for a while.)

Apart from that, it's been a fairly quiet one.  Here's hoping it lasts another hour.

This weekend contains the following compulsory elements:  Shopping for Jane's xmas present, going to nephew's birthday party Saturday afternoon, and keeping an eye on C-Monster Sunday afternoon while Jane does lunch with a friend.  I expect I'll do some work on my OwlCon rounds as well.  Tonight, C is supposed to be staying at the In-Laws' so Jane and I can go do something, but I'm so wiped out, I suspect "something" will consist of dinner and collapse.

I found out I've got to work late on Tuesday.  I'm kind of hoping it will run late enough that I won't have to come in on Wednesday, but we'll just have to see.
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This One's For The Houstonians

(Forwarded from an email at work):

Have you recently passed thru a major intersection in Houston and seen people asking for donations for HIV/AIDS? These people are often wearing t-shirts or carrying signs that say “HIV Education” and ask passersby to donate money to HIV/AIDS charities. They’re commonly seen at street corners in the Galleria area, at 610 and South Main, Richmond at Montrose, and even the Westheimer and Montrose intersection.

Guess what? The money they collect has never been donated to any of Houston’s community-based organizations providing services for people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Several months ago Amy Davis, investigative reporter for KPRC Channel 2, did a story on these street solicitors. While she did not find any definitive proof of fraud or criminal activity, the man who runs the operation had a criminal background and refused to speak for the story. The operation apparently employs homeless individuals to solicit donations at Houston street corners, giving them a cut of the money they raise. The remainder of the funds are supposed to be donated to Houston AIDS charities, but the money’s real use is unknown.

A group of concerned Houstonians are currently working with attorneys to find a way to shut this operation down. You can help this group sending a quick email to with the date, time and street intersection where you saw the solicitors.

And please refrain from giving money to these individuals.

If you would like to make a donation to HIV/AIDS, the upcoming AIDS Walk Houston will be a great opportunity for you to help make a difference. And with AIDS Walk Houston, you will know your money is going to community-based organizations providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS. More information about AIDS Walk Houston is coming soon.
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