December 20th, 2008


Gaming: Things I Need To Do. Things I Want To Do.

Things I need to do, gaming-wise, in the next few days/weeks:
  • Write up my OwlCon rounds, particularly the Heroes of the New Wave/Feng Shui game.  At the moment, I've got a title and some utterly unconnected concepts.  I can wing a superhero game for kids pretty easily from a sketched out plotline, but HotNW requires more structure to work.
  • Figure out what I'm doing for the Champions game in two weeks.  I've got a substantial list of story elements I don't want to use yet, but there's a big hazy blob in place of something I do want to use.
Things I want to do, gaming-wise, in the coming year:
  • Try out GMing some other superhero rules sets (Mutants & Masterminds, Truth & Justice, Wild Talents) via one-shots or short story arcs.
  • Actually play that cool looking Exalted board game I picked up a few weeks ago.  Any takers for an afternoon during the holidays?  I need three or four other folks.
  • Put together a regular game that C-Monster can play in, here at home.
  • Run a somewhat regular (every two or three week) 4th edition D&D game for folks who aren't part of my regular D&D crowd and preferably folks who haven't played a lot or any 4E.  Depending on the people I could recruit, this might dovetail nicely with the above item regarding a game for C.  (jenmcd, I'm specifically looking at your clan with this notion.)
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An Unexpectedly Pleasant Trip To The Bowling Alley

Went to the favorite nephew's birthday party at the same bowling alley where C's was held last week.  As I had no obligations other than to turn up, sing, and eat cake, I decided to take some reading material along in the form of the 4e PHB.  Turns out the father of one of C's classmates (and one of the nephew's classmates as well) is a gamer going back to the Old School, so we ended up talking about the new rules, which he hadn't looked at, as well as gaming and life in general.  He's a meteorologist for the NWS and was the one who appended the words "Certain Death" to the hurricane Ike warnings for people living on the upper Texas coast.

Decent time.  Far better than I'd expected.