December 23rd, 2008


Boy, Fetch Me My Brain Pills

I woke up with an oncoming migraine this morning.  Nothing new about that with the way the weather's shifting.  The last time I filled my prescription, I noticed my co-pay had dropped from $30 to $10, but I just assumed Aetna had negotiated a new price for the formulary.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag from Walgreens and found a flat of, not Imitrex, but "Dr. Reddy's Sumatriptan Succinate Pills."

It's the same medication, but there's finally a generic, which explains the price drop.  But I love the name.  Sounds like a patent medicine from the 19th century.
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It's gonna be a long one today.  I'm already at the office and settled in.  I'll probably not be heading home until 9 or so, as I'm meeting a consultant at 7 to upgrade our firewall.

In between, I've got not very much to do.  I need to order a printer and configure a DSL modem.  Given my past tendencies, I expect to do a lot of LJ chattering before it's over.