December 24th, 2008


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Not the best way to start the day...

Last night's Sonicwall upgrade went well.  The consultant knew his stuff, showed me what he was doing and it probably took all of two hours to get things all set up.

But there was one thing I forgot to do last night: reboot my remote server.  So when I woke up this morning, I remoted in, re-started it, and waited to log back in.  And waited.  And waited. And...fuck it.  After ten minutes, I realized it wasn't coming back up on its own, so I got dressed and drove in.  Fortunately, there's no rush hour traffic on xmas eve, so I got there before 8 AM.  Restarted it successfully.  Took another one of Dr. Reddy's Patented Brain Lube pills for the oncoming headache.  Stopped to pick up some breakfast tacos and drove over to my office.

Walked in and the Bossman was already there.  "There's a problem.  We can't access BCA and I can't ping Lyons (one of our locations) from here, but I can do it from the remote server."  Which meant something HADN'T been set up correctly last night.  Twenty minutes of trial and error with a new and unfamiliar firewall interface later, we (actually he) figured out what to change to make things work, but in the meantime, the mailbox was getting bombed with users who couldn't access things they need to do their jobs.

Anyway, I'm out of here at eleven and I'm not coming back until the fifth.  At least the headache seems to have stopped.
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Jingle Blahs

I got through the remaining hours at work OK.  Once we got those settings fixed, everything worked fine.

It's a gray and too-warm and too-wet dreary xmas eve and it's rubbing off on me.  Not to mention the current weather pattern always makes my migraines more prevalent. 

Tomorrow, we'll do the holiday with Jane's family.  That's always a grab bag of loco.  And noisy.

Friday morning, we'll be driving to SA to spend some time with my mom, and I'm only now realizing how much I'm dreading it.  It's her first xmas without Dad, and my nephew (who lives with her) is leaving for the Navy in February.  While we're driving in, my youngest brother will be on a plane, flying to his job on an oil rig off the coast of Angola.  And not Angola, Louisiana, the real one.

So, I'm more than half expecting a stressful, happiness-is-mandatory sort of affair.  At least we won't have to stay at her house, as other brother is making his godly trailer available again.

If any of the SA readership wants to try and meet up for foods or hanging out or something, let me know.  I expect we'll need some escape time.
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