December 26th, 2008


Greetings From Alamo Town

We've made it to Mom's.  We woke up a bit late, as I made Jane stay up to watch "My Favorite Year" (she'd never seen it). The drive was fairly dreadful: lots of traffic (Texas has a second deer hunting season the week after xmas, so the roads were full of pick-em-up trucks hauling ATVs on trailers) and there was an area reduced to a single lane due to construction about thirty miles from San Antonio.

But we made it.  Mom seems to be doing well and the house looks great.  We'll be having dinner here tonight with Brother #2 and his wife and kids.

Minor Annoyance: Brother #2 removed Mom's wireless router when he "fixed" her computer, so my laptop is plugged into the only connection in the house.  A minor setback, all told.

Major Whoohoo:  My fantasy EPL team yoinked 77 points today with only 10 players.  I think it'll get me back up to 2nd in the RPGnet league and I've made substantial inroads on the leader in the past few weeks.  I'm on top of my head-to-head league and looking strong for Saturday.

More importantly, Liverpool remain top of the table in the real one.
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