December 29th, 2008

Count Dante

Basking in My Awesomeness :-)

Anyone who's been to our house knows we own a lot of books.  No, seriously, more than that.  Keep trying.  Between the three of us, the number of books in this house is likely near five digits.  In short, we live in a highly disorganized library disguised as a house.

I am also the worst offender in this accumulation.  Not only do I buy more books than Jane and Clark combined, I am generally loathe to part with them.  But after Ike, as vainly tried to reorganize my study and bedroom bookshelves, I realized something HAD to give.  There's too much stuff I've read and will never read again, things I picked up and decided I didn't like, and things I just didn't need.  Also, Jane's been dropping some serious hints about how we needed to free up some bookshelf space.

Thus, I got up this morning after Jane left for work and went to town.  Five grocery bags full of books later, I drove down to Half-Price Books.  It took the poor guy half an hour to check everything, but the end result is that our bookshelves are five grocery bags' worth lighter, and my wallet is $122 heavier.  Well, $100, since I managed to find a couple of things worth purchasing while I was waiting.

Not a bad start to the vacation.