Theron (tfbretz) wrote,

I've spent the better part of the past two days working on Jane's character for the upcoming game.  It's a perfect example of how you can come up with an idea that's easy to explain in story terms, but difficult to express in game terms.  Especially in Champions terms.  Especially in Champions terms in a way that doesn't render the character unplayable at the table.

And it's also a fine example of the HERO System in general.  One character, two completely different approaches to the design that ultimately end up in almost exactly the same place.  Today's activity was the result of sleeping on yesterdays "final product" and deciding I ought to try something else.

I haven't spent so much time crunching numbers for a game (and certainly not for a single character) in ages.  But it was actually kind of fun.  And with Hero Designer, not that onerous.

I have yet to hear from any of the other recruits, but I'm operating on the assumption we'll be playing Saturday.  I'm planning on keeping the setting background pretty light initially and fill in gaps as needed.  I've got a stack of published modules and adventures to pillage, all I need is the players.

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